• Dec 03 2020

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    Spoiling Your Pet This Holiday Season!

    As we keep hearing in the media, many people have adopted “pandemic pets” over the past several months. With the holidays approaching, new pet owners may be looking for ideas to spoil their new…

  • Nov 26 2020

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    Adopting Rescue Dogs Responsibly

    Research has shown the benefits of having pets in our lives – dogs can have physical, mental, emotional, and social benefits. Pet owners tend to feel less lonely and have lower rates of depression.…

  • Nov 19 2020

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    Thanksgiving Foods – What’s Okay to Share With Pets?

    As the holidays approach indulgence is expected! But what about our pets? Can they indulge a little? While table feeding on a regular basis can lead to obesity and bad habits (e.g., begging),…

  • Nov 12 2020

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    Senior Pets and Pain

    November is Senior Pet Month! As pet age, it‘s important to pay attention to subtle changes in your pet‘s behavior and daily habits. As with humans, aging brings about changes in health, mobility,…

  • Nov 05 2020

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    November is Pet Diabetes Month

    Pets, as with humans, can be affected by diabetes. And with the number of overweight and obese pets on the rise, so too is the incidence of diabetes. …

  • Oct 29 2020

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    6 Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe this Halloween!

    Boo! The number of little ghosts and goblins that head out trick-or-treating this year may not be as high as in past years due to COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean that the number of treats in our…