• Feb 11 2021

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    Valentine’s Day Safety

    Ah, love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is approaching – a day filled with yummy treats, chocolates, candles, flowers, balloons, and stuffed animals with sweet messages. …

  • Feb 04 2021

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    February is Pet Dental Health Month

    Consistent, quality dental care is just as important for your pet’s health as it is for yours. You brush your teeth daily, floss (when you remember!), and see your dentist for regular cleanings and…

  • Jan 28 2021

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    Aging Dogs and Declining Curiosity

    Curious puppies! When you think of a puppy, you may think of a cute little pup playing with the newly discovered doorstop or barking at himself in the mirror. Or a curious pup peaking around the…

  • Jan 21 2021

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    This Sunday is Change a Pet’s Life Day!

    This Sunday marks Change a Pet’s Life Day! This event was created by a group of animal lovers who wanted to recognize the hard work that shelter staff and volunteers do, as well as encourage…

  • Jan 14 2021

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    It’s Train Your Dog Month!

    Do you have a dog that lunges at other dogs, people, bicycles, or cars when you’re out on walks? Chases squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, or worse, skunks!? Never comes when you call him? Barks like…

  • Jan 07 2021

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    January is Walk Your Pet Month

    January is Walk your Pet Month! What better way to start off the New Year, than with a resolution to walk your dog more often making sure you both get more exercise and fresh air! Walking is a great…

  • Dec 17 2020

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    Holiday Safety for Pets

    As the holiday season approaches Christmas could look a little different for many people this year amid concerns of COVID-19 cases surging after holiday gatherings. …